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Drive External Traffic
Research shows that traffic from external sources such as Messenger will get your products ranked higher faster than Amazon internal marketing services!
Rank Your Products
Need to launch a product to boost a listing that's slipping in the rankings? Look no further than powerful Messenger campaigns!
Harvest Reviews
Consumers are busy and often forget to leave reviews for products they purchase. Remind them via Messenger Campaigns!
Increase Your Business Value
Have plans to sell your Amazon Business? Having a Messenger List thats 10x more responsive than an email list give you a powerful Marketing Asset you can offer to future buyers.
Create Momentum for Your Amazon Business. Get Started Today.
Amazon doesn't make it easy to grow your business: they're constantly changing rules and algorithms, they'll strip reviews without any explanations, they'll let scammers steal your buy boxes and your traffic. 

What can you do to fight back? Take control of your Marketing with Facebook Messenger Bots! Messenger makes it easy to build a source of external traffic you can use to build momentum for your listings over and over again. Rank new products, harvest reviews from customers, and build a valuable subscriber list you can use now and even sell with your Amazon business in the future. 

We have worked with over 50 Amazon sellers to develop best practices to help you accomplish all this and more. Take a look at how you can work with us below!
Learn All This And More!
We Utilize Our Proven Approach to Get Your Listings Momentum via Messenger
Select Strategy
  • Determine Your Subscriber Campaign Strategy
  • Select & Setup Your Campaign's ManyChat Template
  •  Update product images, tags, links, and campaign info in the Template
  •  Setup Your Promotion on Amazon and connect it to your ManyChat Campaign
Facebook Ads Setup
  • Create Facebook Ads graphics
  •  Create Your Facebook Audiences
  •  Write Ad Copy
  •  Setup Ads
  •  Connect Ads to Messenger
  •  Test & Push Live
Campaign Optimization 
  • Optimize Facebook Ads
  •  Review Bot Performance 
  •  Review Listing Performance
  •  Trouble Shooting Tips
Product Launch Plan
  • Select Product to Launch to List
  •  Setup Promotion on Amazon
  •  Collect Product Images and Promotion URLs
Launch to List
  • Shut off Subscriber Campaign
  •  Setup ManyChat Template with Collected Assets
  •  Preview / Test Bot
  •  Setup Broadcast
  •  Send Broadcast
Campaign Review 
  • Review Bot Performance 
  •  Review Listing Performance
  •  Trouble Shooting Tips
  •  Plan the next Messenger Campaign
We've Developed Best Practices by Serving over 100 Sellers Just Like You...
Messenger Mentorship Program Options
Access the  Templates, Trainings, and Experts to Build Your Amazon Messenger Machine
Private Messenger Mentorship - Monthly
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Up to 2 Monthly Objectives: Ranking, Re-Ranking, Review Harvesting, New Product Launching
  • Access for up to 3 Team Members
  • Access to the full Amazon Messenger Course ($997 Value)
  • Custom Template Creation As Needed
  • Over 30 Templates, SOPs, and Video walkthrus to train your team
Our Clients' Successes Speak for Themselves
Keyword Research From Actual Buyers in Minutes for FREE!

Your Facebook Messenger list can do more than just rank and review, it can help you RESEARCH too! 

With Messenger’s interactive experience you can quickly gather key information to help you in your Amazon Business.

This client had a new product to launch in two different countries. Determining keywords quickly was a key element of their product launch and they didn’t have time to spend hours on keyword research. So they simply asked their Messenger Subscribers what they would search for if they were looking for their product.

In less than 24 hours they had over 700 responses with keywords they would never have thought of.  When they launched their product they quickly got #1 ranking for most of their keywords and sold out of thousands of product in less than 2 weeks!

Harvest Reviews Completely within Amazon Terms of Service

Consumers are busier than ever, and unless they REALLY love or REALLY hate your product, they’re less and less likely to leave reviews. 

Messenger campaigns are a powerful solution to help you harvest reviews WITHIN Amazon’s Terms of Service. No need to play in the black when Messenger makes it easy to request and remind customers to leave reviews. 

This client has just launched a new product to their subscribers and our flows followed up with customers to request reviews. Over 50% of subscribed customers left reviews after receiving reminders to do so!

Amazon Choice Badges for Ranking Campaigns and New Product Launches

Setting new product velocity is one of the best uses for Messenger campaigns. Following our proven 5 step Product Launch Protocol, we were able to consistently earn the client Amazon Choice badges for their new product launches!

Take Control Of Your Marketing 
(and Inventory)

With Facebook Messenger you can finally take control of your marketing and drive traffic based on key actions you need for your listings! 

For this client, she had old product she needed to purge for FBA before being hit with long term storage fees. We ran a Facebook Ad campaign to her listing and were able to get over 700 new subscribers with over 50% purchasing her product! 

The velocity of the campaign earned her top ranking in both her US and UK stores, an Amazon Choice badge and she was able to sell out of the product!

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