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Michele Venton
Our ManyChat audience is one of our brand’s biggest assets. We have grown a huge audience that is actively engaged with our brand and the content we deliver. We can now rank a product on Amazon quickly and effectively without using an external paid-for list and we can gather 5 star reviews that are 100% TOS compliant from genuine customers that are engaged with our brand and our promotions.

Michelle’s course has enabled all of our marketing team to become fully trained on using ManyChat so that the process or ranking and gaining reviews has become a core element of our marketing strategy. It’s clear, concise, user-friendly and delivers results.
Take a tour of The Amazon Messenger Bot Course
As an Amazon Seller you know that winning on Amazon is tricky: reviews get deleted, competitors play dirty, and at the end of the day you have limited opportunities to know and sell to your customers. 

Not anymore with Facebook Messenger! Messenger is a powerful marketing platform that helps you build a marketing audience, take control of your momentum and drive sales for your Amazon listings. But like any marketing tool there are right ways and wrong ways to use it. That's why we created this course to give you the shortcuts to the hard earned best practices we've developed with Amazon sellers just like you. Take a tour of the course below and start building your Amazon business with Messenger today!
Core Course
One-time access fee
  • Proprietary 3-Phased Approach to Building Your Amazon Business: Build Subscribers, Convert to Customers, Harvest Reviews
  • Quick downloadable Templates you can add directly to your ManyChat account
  • Step by Step Training Videos teach you the marketing strategy for the campaign and how to setup your Templates
  • Tools for Facebook Ad campaign setup
  • 15+ Checklist and SOPs to get you started fast
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for any questions you have along the way
"If you want to use Messenger for your Amazon Business, you need Amazon Messenger Fundamentals."
 "Thanks for helping us get started with ManyChat - the results have definitely been impressive and we're going to continue working with the valuable list we've been able to create."
"Our campaigns are killing it! We’re getting leads at less than .50 and with 60% conversion to sales!"
Controlled Chaos
Finally Take Control of Your 
Amazon Marketing
Play Amazon's Game and WIN
Working with Amazon it feels like they change the rules of "winning" constantly and that can make you reactive in your sales and marketing. Reactive marketing is sporadic and erratic and can lead to wasted effort, time, and especially money. That's why it's so crucial to take control of marketing and drive traffic to your listings. It's never been easier to do than with Facebook Messenger. 

With Messenger you can launch new products, improve rankings of current listings and give your reviews a needed boost. You no longer have to wonder "how did that campaign perform...?" You'll have actual numbers you can make powerful marketing decisions with. Use our templates, trainings and tools to drive Rankings and Reviews all within Amazon's ever-shifting TOS and finally win at their game. 
“I heard about Michelle well before working with her and she did not disappoint. Her planning and execution was top notch, I even learned a few new Amazon tricks along the way. Highly recommend”
"If you're looking for the expert in Amazon Messenger Bots - look no further. Michelle has put it all together in this course."

I am so impressed with the support I get from Michelle and her team. We were having issues with a promotion and she jumped on a screenshare call with me and helped me figure out the issues!
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